This course requires you to prepare and submit a research


This course requires you to prepare and submit a research paper on the emergency response effort directed to a major aircraft mishap of your choice in Module 9

The paper must be supported with references and regulations applicable to the incident/plan. Remember that the nature of the class is aircraft crash and emergency management, and the focus of the paper should revolve around this theme. Papers that do not address this topic but focus instead on other important yet unrelated safety issues will not grade well.

Lastly, your research paper must include a lessons learned component. This is an opportunity to place your ARFF Commander helmet on one last time and utilize what you have learned from the previous mishap exercises in this course. Describe your chosen mishap successes and failures. Explain what was done correctly and what was done incorrectly by that airport’s emergency response team(s). Describe your recommendations for improvement that these teams could make to their operations so they are better prepared for the future.

The first step in your research paper project is to select an accident upon which you will develop your research.

Topic: The aircraft accident I decided to research and analyze is Lockheed Martin’s L 1011 TriStar 1 N726DA Flight 191. Lockheed L 1011 TriStar 1 Flight 191 was a Delta Airlines-operated flight scheduled to fly between Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles with a layover going to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. This aircraft was carrying a total of 11 crew members and 152 passengers. However, 8 out of the 11 crews and 126 out of the 152 passengers were killed due to what is known as microburst-induced wind shear which is a meteorological event. This is part of the reason why I decided to select this aviation accident. In the past, I have had the opportunity to briefly study meteorology which contributes to my understanding of the causes that lead up to this tragic event. This wind shear increased the landing speed of the aircraft going from the normal landing speed of 149 knots to 173 knots which as contributed to the loss of control of the aircraft (Tailstrike, 2022). 


Delta Airlines 191 CVR transcript. Cockpit Voice Recorder Database. (2022). Retrieved from

The outline for the research paper can be found in the attachments section. 

The written assignment paper formatting requirements are as follows: 

· The research paper must be 10 pages in length, at a minimum, not including the title page, abstract, and reference section.

· Times New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced

· All sources should be cited using the (APA) style and format, including APA-formatted citations and a comprehensive APA-formatted reference list.

·  Resources used must be from creditable sources. Cite all sources 

· Papers must be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors. 

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