Requirements: Country Research and Analysis – credible sources – Product

Requirements:  Country Research and Analysis – credible sources – Product Launch – Yes  or NO – 1200 to 1400 words – 12point font, 1.5 spacing – excluding  Cover page and bibliography

Task:  You have been hired by an International Consumer Packaged Goods company to research what they believe to be an attractive market in your home country for the launch of a new personal skincare product for women. 

The products general formulation contains moisturizing, and SPF properties,  it could also be adapted to contain skin lightening or darkening properties. 

Specifically, their prospective target is your home state, province or major metropolitan area.  Examples: Tehran, Iran; Shanghai, China; Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, Canada; Chennai, Tami Nadu, India; São Paulo, Brazil; 

Your task is to develop an analysis and prepare a written report on the following parameters:

Attractiveness of the market including an overview and discussion of – the best segments/targets, related literacy and education levels, media sources and general economic conditions.

However,  your focus should be on culture including, relevant insights into  history, geography and climate and specifically you should examine:

  1. Material Culture – Technology – the techniques and “know-how” of producing material goods; Economics – the employment of capabilities and the results.
  2. Social Institutions  – Social organizations – family life, status, age. Education – literacy and intelligence and how informed the public is. Political structures –  control over business.
  3. Man and the Universe – Belief systems – what are they and how do they affect product and promotional acceptance?
  4. Aesthetics – Graphic and plastic arts – degree of modernization. Folklore – superstition, tradition, etc. Music, drama, and the dance – promotional possibilities.

The report must have a supported conclusion to enter the market or not including, a description of the target market and any product adaptations that the company would have to make.

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