Overview: This assignment creates the basic table that you will


This assignment creates the basic table that you will be working off of for assignments two and four. You will be taking the raw data in the base data Excel document and combining it in a way that you are able to do some basic analytics on. Good luck and have fun!

Some of the Excel videos show Excel 2013. If you have 2010, the Pivot Table Analysis tab is called Options. Some features shown in the video will not be included in Excel 2010; none of these features will be required for any of the assignments, so your ability to complete these assignments will not be compromised at all.

If you run into trouble with the assignments, please use the Watercooler Tab and ask your classmates. I will be monitoring this board to lend a hand as well. Your grade is not dependent on whether you can figure out something on your own; you are graded on your abilities to use the resources you have (within reason) available to you to execute on what needs to be completed.


Using vlookups, display the item name, area, and period month on the All Items tab. Hint: You will need to use at least two vlookups to link series_id to area code and then to area.

The end product will display Item_code, Item_Name, Area_Code, Area and Period_Name on the all_Items tab next to each row of data. Please ensure that your sheet is free of errors (N/A or ref!) when it is turned in. VLookups can be a challenge for those who are not accustom to them, please give yourself time to troubleshoot or reach out for help.


For this and future excel assignments, repeating the action of the tutorials should be done at a minimum. For full credit, make adjustments to formatting, use of other formulas and other additional manipulations that demonstrate that you are gaining the understanding needed in Excel to be a leader in managing analytics.

Please upload your entire Excel workbook to Blackboard when completed.

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