Journal Prompt As you conclude your BSHA program, it is

Journal Prompt

As you conclude your BSHA program, it is important to celebrate your accomplishments and reflect on the knowledge and career skills you’ve gained throughout your program.

Write a 90- to 175-word reflection of your experience in the BSHA program. Imagine your completed reflection would be posted on LinkedIn® or another social media platform.

Consider the following questions in your reflection:

  • The journey to a degree is rarely a straight and direct path. The challenges of life continue when you’re in school. What obstacles did you overcome to complete your degree program?
  • You’ve taken many courses, including some about finance, ethics, and public health. Of all the courses you have taken in this program, which course (or its content) will be most helpful as you imagine your professional future?
  • You have grown and changed since you enrolled in this program. What have you learned about yourself that might help you in the future in your career?
  • Think about the vision and goals you had for yourself and your career when you started this program. How have your goals changed, and how have they stayed the same?
  • How will you celebrate this tremendous accomplishment of completing your program?

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