High Availability or HA is one of the primary reasons


High Availability or HA is one of the primary reasons to migrate servers to a virtual environment or to the Cloud. For this discussion address the following questions. 

Question #1. What are some of the virtualization-related services available to System Administrators to ensure high availability for important servers? Name and explain some of these features available in either Hyper-V or VMware and describe the benefits.

For example, Live Migration or vMotion, HA or Failover Cluster, DSR (Distributed Resource Scheduler), FT (fault tolerance), etc.

Question #2. Provide a real-world example of how some of these HA features are being used by real companies. I suggest searching for “case studies” or “use cases” of the tools that you choose to describe.

It is NOT enough to give a generic one-sentence definition of what is HA. You should do more research (and post more details) if you wish to learn about these very important features of virtualization.

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