***Doctorate Level Questions***No Plagiarism….Paraphrase the content, and provide Citations and

***Doctorate Level Questions***No Plagiarism….Paraphrase the content, and provide Citations and at least TWO Reference Sources for each question provided….Please provide a substantive response for EACH question. Each question should each have a word count of 150 words or more….Please provide appropriate foundational knowledge, be factual, and enhance the dialogue….Please do not recite the same words just to provide word count…. 

Question One

The problem statement is a single sentence used to state what is not known in the literature. Give the problem statement for your proposed topic and identify the scope of the problem. What might happen if the problem is not addressed? How will your research potentially contribute to a solution?

Question Two

A second draft of your prospectus is due at the end of Topic 5. You should be working on revisions based on instructor feedback received for your initial submission. Using the objectives and slide requirements in the notes sections for each slide in the prospectus PowerPoint template, conduct a self-evaluation of the work you have completed on your prospectus so far. Do you believe your study components are properly aligned? Provide a brief rationale for your assessment. What additional work do you need to complete in order to meet the requirements for each slide? What questions do you have? 

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