Your final activity for the week is to reflect on

Your final activity for the week is to reflect on the strategy you used this week and think about where to go from here. Instead of submitting a word processing file with your reflection, please click “Reply” below and answer each of the following questions in a Discussion Journal post.  

Discussion Questions To Reflect On

  1. Did you find Surveying to be a useful strategy for your 300/94 assignment?  Why or why not?  Be specific and discuss whether it helped with focusing on the material, understanding the text, and/or remembering the text. Also discuss if it made your reading feel faster or slower. Finally, talk about how you applied it to the 300/94 material. For example, “Surveying was useful when reading ‘Educated’ this week because knowing I had 20 pages to read helped me manage my time and stay focused…) (This should be about one paragraph long.)
  2. How could you use Surveying in another class?  (This should be at least 2-3 sentences.)
  3. Based on your reading assignments for the upcoming week in your 300/94 class, which NEW strategy do you think will be most helpful to use next? (The possible strategies are Annotate, Double-Entry Journals, Patterns, Purpose, Schema, Skim/Scan, Summary/Paraphrase, Time Management, and Vocabulary Building. You can find information about each strategy on the Modules page.) Pick onestrategy and give your justification for whythat would be a good strategy to apply to your 300/94 materials. (This should be at least 3-5 sentences)  

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