Write a substantiated reply to the below post. your reply

Write a substantiated reply to the below post. your reply should be supported by references and be a minimum of 250 words.


While being a property manager seems like a pretty straight forward job, it has a lot of hidden responsibility and tenant affairs that can come up. While we’d like to believe that every tenant will be easy to manage, that is simply not the case as everyone has their own preferences and desires. In this discussion, we looked at 4 current problems that property managers are facing and possible solutions to create a more understandable outcome for both parties. 

First on the topic of service animals, I believe that people should be entitled to the use of a service animal if they truly need it. However, it has become more common that service animals rights are being abused to negate any restrictions for pet owners. I believe managers should first speak with tenants first before allowing a rental applications to be passed. On the topic of rent control, I think that property owners should be able to control their properties rent on a contractual basis. Renters must understand that property owners have to pay for the real estate somehow and by creating a rent control policy, managers are likely to stop caring about their properties. As said in the article, the effect is, “is fewer and lower-quality affordable housing units (Wood, 2020, p.1).” I believe the next topic is very straight forward. Managers should be able to regulate how marijuana is being used in their property. They should simply state that it cannot be smoked or grown on premises. Lastly and most difficult is the use of renter background checks. While I believe that using background checks is a vital step to an application process, it can also falsely display a person’s true nature. As a manager, I would always want my tenants to feel safe and comfortable, but I do not want to discriminate against someone with a bad past. I think it can be as simple as looking at the certain crime and year that it took place as well as having a conversation with the possible tenant to see if it’s safe to move forward. 

 While every job has its’ ups and downs, being a property manager takes a lot of communication within the job. While people can’t always do as they’re told, it’s important that we have conversations with people and try to resolve things in an efficient and timely manner so that all parties and be at ease. In Philippians 2:4 it says, “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others (Bible Gateway, n.d., p.1).” In this way, we must remember that others need help and while we have our own interest in mind, we must keep others in our thoughts as well. 

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