Where does hate speech draw the line of free speech?

Topic Where does hate speech draw the line of free speech. 

Write a 7-12 page legal research paper that explores some area of new media law. The paper could analyze a current court case, review pending legislation, explore the impact of a new technology on some aspect of the law, or focus on other appropriate topics. Using the research skills you learn in class, decide on a topic and do some preliminary research to see if the paper is feasible. Use at least 6 primary sources for your research.Also, you must use more primary sources than secondary sources. As we’ve discussed in class, primary legal resources are court cases, public laws, statutes, documents from administrative bodies such as the FCC, and legislative histories. Secondary documents would include law review articles, books and popular press materials.Any statement that you write in the paper that is not your opinion needs a citation to indicate the source of the idea. Use footnotes or endnotes for your citations and follow the guide below to properly format the citation. If you have any questions about citations and the correct and appropriate use, please ask. You cannot simply restate someone else’s idea and not give them credit for the idea. It does not matter whether you use the idea in a quote or simply restate the idea in your own words. You need to attribute the idea to the original author.

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