What is the potential impact of the Corporate Social Responsibility

To develop a good understanding of the possible impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility disclosure on the financial performance, you will need to perform the following: A. Read and summarize at least 5 academic papers about the above topic; (about 40% of the text) B. Present a real-life company operating in UAE that discloses its CSR activities (about 30% of the text) C. Analyze the impact of this company’s CSR disclosures on its financial performance; and (about 20% of the text) D. Come up with your own conclusion. (about 10% of the text) For a guide on how to properly Reference sources of information, please see the handouts of the OAI about APA referencing. You may also visit the following site: http://library.curtin.edu.au/referencing/apa.pdf • Your submitted report should be typed in Calibri font 11, double spaced, with page numbering and including usual sections for a report (outline, executive summary, …). Maximum number of pages is 5. • Reports with no in-text citation will automatically be submitted to the OAI.

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