What are the challenges of using al-Qaeda as a model for understanding


1) 3000 words.

2) The essay should be narrow, specific, persuade the reader and should answer the question.

3) It should be arguable and critical, you should argue and don’t describe.

4) Use the sources analytically and not to describe it. And use additional sources above the recommended ones like about 7 additional sources relating to al-Qaeda .

5) Provide an actual example from the real world and if use primary material, that would be excellent. 6) You can use sources in Arabic, but it should be translated to be understood. 7) If you find anything relevant in (F Gerges, ISIS: A History) about Al-Qaeda use it, there are two files i will upload from this book. There is also Chapter 8 in his book about Al-Qaeda, but I couldn’t download it.

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