What advice or encouragement do you have for your classmate?


  • What advice or encouragement do you have for your classmate?
  • What did you learn about the topic from the visual aid? 
  • Do you have any suggestions for how your classmate could revise their visual?

 Based on the text I believe that using PowerPoint is going to be the  best option for my speech so that I can show visual representations of  some of the data points that I will be talking about, as well as adding  context to my points. When considering what visual aid I should use, I  considered the more technical aspect of my speech and how important the  data is in some of the points I am making. I wanted to make sure that  the data I’m talking about is making sense to my audience, so showing  visual comparisons will help the audience make sense of the data I  mention during the speech. Some of the points I make might be surprising  to people, so it will help to see photos of some things in real life to  help people realize that the things I am saying are true. I also  committed a slide to mention some of the other interesting things to do  with my topic that I don’t have time to discuss because I’d like to  leave the audience with something to think about and google when I am  done.  

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