Web Services

A research paper about Web services in details supported with confidential references(sources) , include: 3 pages on description of what is a web service, their characteristics, their several description languages (explain WSDL (Web service description language) in details mention that it is used as a syntactic language not semantic as OWL-S and it dose not support (non-functional requirements such as QoS..etc).. (support your words with references) 1 page about the UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) and mention that it not used in these days for search and discovery of web services, instead local or private registries are used (support your words with references) 1 page about web services communication protocols like (SOAP and REST) in details..(support your words with references) 2 pages about web services composition in detail include: explanation of what is orchestration and choreography + explain how BPEL (business process execution language used as one of web services composition languages (as an executable language)(support your words with references)

#Web #Services

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