Vernacular Architecture / Architecture of the Samoa/ Ekphrasis

Topic Vernacular Architecture / Architecture of the Samoa/ Ekphrasis

For Assignment 1, you performed a thorough visual analysis; generating a vivid description (ekphrasis) of your image. For Assignment 2, you identified pertinent secondary sources with which to begin your research, and organized preliminary notes into clusters of ideas. For Assignment 3, you’ll creatively synthesize visual analysis with primary and secondary research to articulate a compelling argument premised on the image and/or its immediate context. Remember that you are not simply revising your ekphrasis and research assignments and then mashing them together into one document. Instead, you’ll carefully comb through these pieces, process the feedback you’ve received, and identify key moments and ideas worth saving and elaborating into a final paper, 7 pages in length. Procedure: 1. Re-read assignments. 2. As you read, highlight and also take a separate sheet of notes about passages and ideas that you may want to keep, revise and/or expand for the final paper. 3. Track down any further sources and continue note taking. 4. Organize this new research as you did before. 5. Now go back to your idea clusters from assignment 2, the notes you took while re-reading both assignments, and any notes you’ve since compiled. With these at hand, generate a new outline that factors in more recent developments in the research and your thinking. 6. Draft a new paper that incorporates original descriptive content and interpretive synthesis of outside sources. Cite all sources as you write. 7. Print, read, and make revisions to this draft. 8. Your final paper should be 7 double-spaced pages, size 12 Times New Roman, with endnotes, bibliography, and any accompanying illustrations or diagrams with captions. As before, follow Chicago Manual of Style conventions for citation format.

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