Unit 6: Global Health Group Project Assignment Overview: In this assignment

Unit 6: Global Health Group Project

Assignment Overview:

In this assignment, you will be assigned to work in small groups to research the health of two

different countries. Your group will select one underdeveloped country (least developed country)

and one developing country (middle-income country) to contrast and compare. This determination

is made based on the human development indicator (HDI) which is linked in the list below.

Heidi assignment contribution:

Select one low HDI country from the linked list for the group project:

The low HDI selected is Haiti. With the 2011 HDI of .540.

Assignment Instructions:

Your need to research, create, and then submit a document that includes the following

content for your selected country: (HAITI)

• Present an overview of each country:

1. Population and life expectancy data

2. Top causes of death and illness/disability (communicable and non-communicable diseases)

3. Under-5 mortality

4. Driving risk factors

5. Data on health care, spending and health care resources/access (numbers and types of

providers in the country)

6. Environmental Factors (Water, Sanitation, Infrastructure, Climate changes, Working/living

condition, Transportation, Education, animals that spread disease, food sourcing, and supply)

7. Political factors impacting the country

8. Attitudes, beliefs, values, culture related to health practices and lifestyle behaviors

• Nursing Care/Health Care Delivery: What is the situation and impact of nursing care in these

countries (training, practice requirements, how do they practice)?

• Current programs or international aid programs working in that country. Efforts to improve


• Compare & Contrast: What are the primary similarities and/or differences between the two



You may access information from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the WHO, and

other resources to research and report data on your selected countries.

• Visit the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation database at:

and review the data and trends for

your two countries. This database will provide information related to population patterns,

life expectancy, causes of death, under-5 mortality, disability, driving risk factors, as well as

data on health care spending and how well the country is providing health care.

• You can gain additional information on individual countries by visiting Countries | World

Health Organization (who.int)

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