Unit 2 DB: To rewrite or not to rewrite…. (ENG130


Unit 2 DB: To rewrite or not to rewrite…. (ENG130 Literature & Composition)

Self-plagiarism is a very common form of plagiarism in the English classroom, and most universities do not allow self-plagiarism.

Before you respond to this prompt, please (1) read the self-plagiarism section of the Course Information page and (2) review  What is Plagiarism and Self Plagiarism  What is Plagiarism and Self Plagiarism – Alternative Formats that briefly explains both plagiarism and self-plagiarism, and (3) then respond to the following prompts:

Initial Response: Consider the following scenario: You work as an editor publishing creative nonfiction stories at a popular publication. Creative nonfiction works written based on real events. Publications such as The New Yorker or the aptly titled Creative Nonfiction Journal are examples of publications that publish creative nonfiction. The publication you work for accepts the work of a new writer. You publish that writer’s work only to find out that the writer previously published the work in another magazine. The writer did not reveal it was being published by someone else. In one paragraph answer the following questions: As an editor for the journal, what actions would you take for the journal? Would you sue the writer for fraud? Do you think this situation will impact the writer’s career? In what way does this situation pertain to self-plagiarism in the classroom? Finish your response by asking your peers a question about this scenario that they can answer in their peer responses. 

Unit 2 DB: Possible Chart Types (CIS250 Advanced Excel)

After reading the article, Alexander, M. (n.d.) 10 Excel chart types and when to use them. Dummies. and Chapter 3 of your text, please respond to the following:

Download and review the spreadsheet:  WhatChartType.xlsx. For each of the worksheets, Total Profits per Region and Sales per Month, decide which type of chart would best represent the data. Please be sure to discuss why you would choose these types of charts based on the data you would be visualizing.

Unit 2 DB: Objective (ACC215 Spreadsheet & General Ledger Software)

Please discuss what the primary objective of accounting is and how QBO assists in achieving this objective?

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