Tyson Made Its Fortune Packing Meat. Now It Wants to Sell You

Read the article in the attachment and answer the questions: QUESTIONS: 1. List and briefly describe at least three forces in the external marketing environment that have impacted Tyson Foods. 2. For each of the forces, you noted in #1, describe what changes or actions Tyson has implemented. 3. What consumer behavior-related factors have impacted Tyson? Rewrite the questions above in bullet-point format in the file you will create and respond to them separately. must have bullet points separately showing each question and your response. Be sure to explain your responses thoroughly. In .pdf format only ➢ Margins 1”, top, bottom, right and left ➢ Acceptable fonts: Arial or Times New Roman ➢ Font color: black – Using other colors on the cover page is allowed ➢ Font height: 12 pts. ➢ Line spacing: Double

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