Trends in Nursing Leadership

 Trends in Nursing Leadership The collaborative relationship between nursing researchers and practicing nurses supports and optimizes best practices in patient care, using legislative and regulatory policies as a guide and as a standard. Nurse leaders who practice in educational and health care organizations are expected to implement up-to-date information and best practices immediately—with just a click of a mouse. In addition, the nurse leader is tasked with meeting the immediate needs of the organization, using an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to create optimal patient care. For this discussion, write a letter to a consultant who has been hired to improve patient safety and quality of care in your organization. Address the following points in your letter: Describe one nursing leadership issue affecting patient safety and quality of care that is of concern in your organization. Explain how this issue is currently being addressed in your organization. What questions or uncertainties do you have about how this issue should be addressed in your organization? Based on evidence-based literature or governmental or regulatory strategies, what is the national standard or benchmark used to address this issue?

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