Total 5 sections Section 1: Discuss Topic Background (Citations are required) Section

Total 5 sections

Section 1: Discuss Topic Background (Citations are required)

Section 2: Data Analysis (SPSS or MS or R Studio or R language, etc.)

Describe the fields of the dataset.

Create a summary of stats for the dataset.

Discuss the Min, Max, Median, and Mean of the continuous fields.

Discuss the Counts and Percentages of the categorical fields. (ex. Pie Chart)

Discuss any missing data elements.

Section 3: Data Visualizations (SPSS, MS Excel, R Studio – R language – Library: ggplot2)

Graphs: Bar Plot, Box Plot, Scatter Plot, and Histogram

Label: X-Axis, Y-Axis, and Titles

Discuss: Plot, Breakout, Drilldown, and Position (only Bar Plot)

Findings: What story is presented in the visualizations?

Section 4: Discuss Findings

Compare (Similar)

Contrast (Difference)

Conclusion of the findings

Section 5: Reference List

At least 3 References

Reference Books:

1.Title: Publication Manual of the American Psychological AssociationISBN: 9781433832178

Authors: American Psychological AssociationPublisher: American Psychological Association (APA)Publication Date: 2019-10-012.Title: Exploring StatisticsISBN: 9780996339223Authors: Chris SpatzPublication Date: 2019-01-01


:Must be entirely focused on the specific content

.Add some generic points that could apply

Please check plagiarism, Grammarly

Minimum 3 references & APA Format

3 pages ( total 4 sections) + 1 page (5 section—— references)

Please deliver on time

reference link…

4 pgs including references..

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