This project has to be delivered in two parts: Things

This project has to be delivered in two parts:

Things that need to be followed before submitting the completed project:

Cloud Migration Plan:

Week 1 – Due Date: July 19th, 2021.

Read the attached Project 1 instructions (Project 1: Develop Cloud Migration Plan)

Review the attached Project 1 Resource – especially the PDF named “Deploying a LAMP Stack in AWS.”

Review and follow the attached Project 1 Templates: 

  • Premigration Assessment Tool Comparison Template.
  • Cloud Migration Plan Template 

Complete project 1 through step 3

  • Submit Discussion’s answers in a separate document. 
  • Submit milestone for review: Pre-Migration Assessment Tool Comparison

Week 2 – Due Date: July 26th, 2021.

Cloud Migration Plan:

Incorporate feedback; resubmit if necessary, or move on to complete the project.

  • Submit milestone for review:  Project 1: Evaluation of AWS Discovery Service Data
  • Submit Project 1: Final Cloud Migration Plan

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