This is an OPTIONAL extra credit assignment worth up to

This is an OPTIONAL extra credit assignment worth up to 5 points. You can submit to all the options  but only to each option once (so options can’t be repeated such as you can’t watch three movies and research two artists). 

All extra credit is due by the end of the term but you can submit these any time.

Chapter 21 explores the birth of photography and iconic images are everywhere. Time has collected the top 100. For this assignment you all will explore these images.

For your post, you’ll write about 300 words or more. Please see the questions below:

  1. Select one image from the list and embed it in your word doc and include its info (photographer, title [in italics], date)
  2. Summarize the key points about the photograph 
    • Some questions to help guide you include: Why is this work included in the top 100 list? What was important about this photographer/photograph? Does it relate to anything we’ve discussed in class? What do you feel is still relevant to us today about your image?
  3. Briefly describe the image you’ve included
    • Some questions to get you started: Why did you pick the image that you did?  Where does your eye go first? How do you get led around the composition? Is it in color or black and white? How does this choice impact the meaning? How is depth of field used (as in what’s in the foreground, middle ground, and background)? How is lighting used and does this influence the meaning of the work? 
  4. Include a new fact or bit of information that you found intriguing from the article about the photo or its photographer 

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