The use of excessive force

Description In recent years, law enforcement uses of force has captivated the nation. Some feel that law enforcement is using excessive force against members of minority communities. Others posit that law enforcement is reacting to situations as they’ve been trained and that the media is sensationalizing the use of force (deadly or not) against members of society. To truly understand this critical perspective, your writing assignment is to explore law enforcement uses of force historically through contemporary times (look at the data pre-Ferguson and compare it to post-Ferguson) This research paper has three main components to it. First, you will explore what constitutes a use of force, and conversely, what is not. Use the matrix available in Florida. A question you might want to explore is when and how uses of force are legal. This part of your paper is focused on comprehension. Next (secondly), turn to the history of uses of force, such as that tendered above. Are uses of force really up? Are uses of force really excessive? Remember that you are writing a scholarly paper that is to be free from bias. During this part, you will analyze the data you’ve researched. Third, based upon your findings, and considering the historical practices of law enforcement and Constitutional implications, formulate a best-practice approach to address any findings you made in part two of this paper. You may want to discuss how to educate the public on what a use of force is, or suggest a policy revision for the application of force. This part allows you to evaluate practices and synthesize them into a body that combines your comprehension and analysis that addresses the perception of excessive use of force. This paper is to be at least 18 pages in length, but no more than 24 pages. The length does not include the cover page, abstract, or reference pages. You must have a minimum of 18 scholarly sources as defined in the syllabus. Remember, these are peer-reviewed journal articles within the last five years. Turn your paper in to me during class and submit a digital copy to Blackboard. If you submit a copy to Blackboard, but not to me in class, you will receive a zero. If you provide me a copy in class, but forget to submit it to Blackboard, you will receive a zero.

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