The Rise of Western Power.

 Must write one brief (1-2 page double-spaced page) analysis of how one or more of the primary sources available on the companion website to The Rise of Western Power. Explain clearly how the source(s) relate(s) to topics developed in a given chapter or subchapter, preferably placing the topic within the broader context of the chapter. Analyze the importance of the source(s) for understanding major developments in European and world history. Supply at least three page number references to the textbook. Provide full bibliographical reference(s) for the source(s). Each primary source is keyed directly to individual subchapters (for example, Primary Source 3.2 is paired with Chapter 3: The Papal Revolution, Subchapter 2: The Western Church). How to cite a primary source from the Companion Website: Karl Pearson, National Life from the Standpoint of Science, 2nd ed. (London: Adam and Charles Black, 1905), as excerpted in (accessed April 24, 2016).

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