The Module Pre-Assessment is your opportunity to practice applying module


The Module Pre-Assessment is your opportunity to practice applying module content before submitting the final Competency Assessment. In the Final Assessment, you will be asked to complete a capital project spreadsheet based on the case study provided. You also will be asked to conduct a budgeting evaluation.

To prepare for your Final Assessment, review Capital Project Case Study and compete the capital project worksheet. Next, consider whether the project is acceptable assuming Jiranna Healthcare has a corporate policy of not accepting projects that take more than 3.5 years to pay for themselves, and assuming an 11% cost of capital. Then, review the Variance Analysis Case Study and reflect on the calculations that you conduct to answer questions regarding Jiranna’s profit forecast and revised projections and budgeting challenges as well as recommendations you would make for fee-for-service healthcare organizations and capitated healthcare organizations.

For this Module Pre-Assessment, create a draft of your report explaining whether the Capital Project Case Study project is acceptable and why. Then create a draft of your budgeting evaluation. Be sure to review the Final Assessment instructions for more information.

Note that you do not have to resubmit your Pre-Assessment to address feedback.

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