The Matrix You and Sally agreed to develop a negotiation

   The Matrix

You and Sally agreed to develop a negotiation plan, mapping out a strategy for the purchase of the Boca Raton property to establish the restaurant. After reviewing the market plan and the terms of the proposed agreement, you suggest to Sally that it would be great if the two of you could map out the areas you believe could be negotiated with the owner. The plan would provide you with a prioritized list of issues to facilitate an agreement with the owner. Sally tells you that she has a tool that is perfect for plan development. Sally has emailed you a copy of mapping tools and asks if you would take a shot at filling it out. Initially, fill out the Term Sheet information, mapping out the issues to discuss in the negotiation.

Background Sale information on the Boca Raton property is listed in the Real Estates Sales Case Study attached PDF. 

Also use the following documents to assist in better understanding of the information that must be filled out.

Your Assignment

  1. Read forms and complete the issues raised in the form.
  2. Review the marketing information and the seller’s position for the property.
  3. Read the Contract Negotiation Process (DOCX) which is located in the attachment. This will help you in completing the Learning Canvas Matrix (PDF) which is also located in the attachments.
  4.  Complete and upload a Term Sheet (PDF)  
  5. Review the video listed in the Matrix: Orange Example/Negotiation by Design (Youtube, 00:07:45) to gain a better understanding of completing the Learning Canvas Matrix PDF 
  6. To establish your and Sally’s positions, make any assumptions where appropriate to complete the matrix negotiation document. 

Since this is a planning tool, please note that yes and no answers one-sentence responses to questions are not acceptable. Solutions should be fully developed and analyze the issues demonstrating more than your personal opinion and use citations when needed. 

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