Task 1 Students are required to conduct a study on

Task 1 

Students are required to conduct a study on an organization of their choice by visiting the company’s website. Then, students are required to perform the following tasks: 

  1. 1.1  Identify and describe the chosen organization in the following areas:
    1. 1.1.1  The type of the business organization and its background (e.g., retail, healthcare,
      education, etc…)
    2. 1.1.2  The products and/or services provided by the chosen organization.
  2. 1.2  Identify Four (4) functional or departmental areas in the chosen organization (e.g., human resources department, marketing department, etc…)
  3. 1.3  Identify and briefly describe One (1) major function for each of the Four (4) department you have identified in task 1.2.

Task 2 

2.1 Select any Two (2) departments from 1.2 above, identify One (1) suitable information system (e.g., Customer relationship management system) used for each of the 2 chosen department. You should also explain how each of the two information systems can be used to help in reducing the operational costs within the departments. 

2.2 Identify and describe in detail ONE (1) existing feature/function provided by the information systems you have chosen in task 2.1. 

2.3 Discuss the benefits and limitations of the chosen information systems from task 2.1. 

2.4 Analyze the impacts, of the chosen information systems from task 2.1, on the organization/society/employees/customers/environment etc… 

Task 3 

  1. 3.1  Select ONE (1) department from task 2, identify TWO (2) outputs/reports produced by the information systems you have identified in Task 2.1 that are useful to the users for the normal operations of the organization and for management decision making.
  2. 3.2  For each of the outputs/reports you identified in task 3.1, briefly describe to whom it would be useful, what content is and for what purpose. 

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