Synthesis of Nursing: — Area: North Miami, FL

 Choose a contemporary school of nursing, hospital, nursing home, or other facility in the healthcare arena and research the nursing theory used there. Describe the changing role of the nurse today and how they are influenced by the organizational nursing theory. Present your findings in a PowerPoint Presentation. (Suggestion: You are encouraged to make an appointment and meet with the CNO, director, nurse manager or other nursing leader of your chosen facility and interview them.) Your PowerPoint Presentation should: include the seven (7) topics as shown in the PowerPoint Presentation Rubric (MP2) be no more than 20 slides max. If you use graphics be sure they are small in size, so your presentation can be loaded quickly. When you have completed this assignments, you will be able to differentiate the concepts of person, environment, health, and nursing, as they relate to select nursing theories.

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