Synthesis and Argument: How online technology effects on communication

Goals: write a synthesis on the topic of the role of technology in communication 1. Make connections between readings and research sources 2. To summarize and synthesize information from different sources within one paragraph to support a specific idea “Talk” to each other in coherent and meaningful ways (argument) 3. demonstrate control of logic, transition and connections Introduction: Hook, background about the topic, issue or problem, thesis A thesis statement clearly indicating your overall argument about the effect of online technology on communication. Each body paragraph:

1. a. Begin with a specific and argumentative topic sentence that addresses one of the topics listed above; the topic sentences should be your own conclusion about each of the required topics, not an announcement of the topic. In other words, tell the reader your overall conclusion about the topic in your topic sentence and your concluding sentence. b. Synthesize information from different sources in a coherent and logical manner. c. Include information from at least two sources (preferably three sources per body paragraph). d. A combination of paraphrases and quotes (in each body paragraph: minimum 1 quote; maximum 2 quotes).

2. The essay should demonstrate that you understand the topic of the medium’s effect on communication well and in detail, and have read and analyzed different views on the topic 3. The conclusion should summarize the main points of the essay. Essay directions: In her study on the effects of technology on communication, Emily Drago provides a warning: “…everyone should be aware that human interaction as was once known may have already changed forever (17). While Drago considers this change to be overwhelmingly negative, other researchers have pointed to the ways that online technology has enhanced communication.

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