Spreadsheets are useful for many other things besides financial tasks,


Spreadsheets are useful for many other things besides financial tasks, such as progress reports and for keeping track of descriptive data. For your final project and presentation in this course, you will create at least two tables and an accompanying graphic that will help you write functions and learn simple programming techniques using advanced Excel features. This assignment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained by using real-world data and applying at least five features of Excel to your dataset.

Similar to the work you completed for your weekly assignments, you will need to locate real-world data. For this assignment, you will need to locate and utilize large datasets. You can download resources for large datasets from several websites such as http://www.datasciencecentral.com/profiles/blogs/big-data-sets-available-for-free.

In an 8-10 page report:

  • Provide an introduction to your overall project
  • Give a rationale and explanation for the datasets you have chosen
  • Include at least two tables demonstrating your data and analysis
  • Create at least one graphic to visualize the data and your analysis
  • Explain how you have analyzed the data using at least 5 Excel functions
  • Give a thorough analysis of the data and it’s implications not only for the organization but also the industry in which the organization operates.
  • Offer any closing thoughts about the data and the overall project

Your report should be 8-10 pages, not including cover and reference pages. Provide at least 5 outside references and use APA format.

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