Spin Documentary (1995)

Spin Documentary (1995) (under an hour) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlJkgQZb0VU

Mike Gravel campaign ad (2008): (under 5 minutes) mike gravel blip.tv Veritas08-America The Oligarchy YouAreFreeToDoWhatTheyTellYou730.flv

What are some overall reactions to the documentary? What is your response to how Larry Agran was treated and why he was left out of debates by TV networks during the 1992 Presidential campaign? What are some specific examples from the documentary which highlight how Larry King and TV networks favored specific candidates? Now that a quarter century has passed, what are similarities and differences to current news coverage of Presidential candidates? If you mention current examples, you must include the article sources in your writing and the works cited list. Provide examples of some current candidates receiving a lot of news coverage and those receiving far less coverage. There are a number of candidates running for President, although I can easily tell which ones have more TV or mainstream journalism coverage. Note how a current candidate like Bernie Sanders would have received little to no coverage in the past, similar to Larry Agran or Mike Gravel. You can look up and refer to an example mentioned in class, such as the Kennedy/Nixon 1st TV debate in 1960, and how radio listeners preferred Nixon, whereas TV viewers preferred Kennedy. Presidents like Reagan and Trump were already famous celebrities before becoming President too. I believe some Democratic candidates may rise to prominence during the initial debates due to social media popularity, similar to a candidate like Ron Paul in 2008. Although Hillary Clinton is now known as a former Presidential candidate, her husband was a Presidential candidate back in 1992 who eventually won two terms. It’s amazing to reflect on the impact of cable news over the past quarter century and continued popularity of social media in shaping politics and public opinion. You should be including passages from the following readings to support your writing, in addition to your own: from Media Society textbook: Ch4 Political Influence on Media from Blink: Ch3 The Warren Harding Error http://www.columbia.edu/itc/hs/medical/residency/peds/new_compeds_site/pdfs_new/blink_chapter.pdf A list of all sources must also be included as well.

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