special educational needs and disability

( Description An academic poster on an A3 sheet(Equivalent 1000 WORDS) Produce an academic poster, with an annotated bibliography ,aimed for an audience from a specific SEND context. The poster will identify TWO SRTATEGIES USED TO ENABLE THE INCLUSION OF LEARNERS WITH SEND AND THE BACKGROUND THEORY OR RESEARCH EVIDENCING THE STRATEGIES. CHOSE CRERBRAL PALSY 2STRATEGIES WHICH WILL ENABLE THE INCLUSION OF LEARNERS OF WITH SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS AND DISABILITY(SEND) STRTEGY 1 What is the strategy? who cane up with it? Why did they come up with it? What impact does it have for children with special needs- in a mainstream and special classroom? How does it impact teachers and teaching strategies Is there any issues with the strategy????? STRATEGY2  What is the strategy? Who came out with it Why……….. What impact………. How does it impact…….. Is there any issue with the strategy WITH ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY YOUR REFERENCE NUMBER REFERENCE TO INFORMATION IN POSTER AND WHY THE REFERENCE BOOKS ON INCLUSION 1.Special educational needs and inclusion and diversity Norah Fredricks &Tony Cline 2.Inclusive special education Gary Hornby 3.What works in inclusion Christopher Boyle& Keith Toppin Not necessary 4 pages it can be the poster on A3 sheet with many pictures and the source under any picture where it was found(cerebral palsy )

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