Second Language Acquisition

Please write a 5,000-word literature review and add the outline of this paper which is about 250 words.


Please write a literature review on a topic related to Second Language Acquisition (SLA). If possible, please write in the field of ‘motivation’. But if you (the TOP writer) have a specialized field in SLA, please prioritize your specialized domain, because the most important thing is the quality of the paper.


The outline should provide a clear outline of the different sections of the paper, including subsections. For each section or subsection, there would normally be a bulleted list of the main points being made (e.g., in the form of short phrases or sentences) in that section and the main references (i.e., author, year) that would be used to support those points.


Research question(s) must be very specific, so please let me know once you’ve decided your topic & research question(s) for this paper. For your information and guidance, I’ve attached some assignment samples & an outline sample from previous years.


The review should demonstrate your understanding of a topic in the area of second language acquisition, and should follow the format of a typical review paper in the field containing the following:

An introduction establishing the importance of your topic, and stating the purpose of your review – Research question(s) needs to be worth exploring & it needs clear aim.

Sections (and subsections) that answer your questions or address your thesis by synthesizing and critically discussing the literature you have read on the topic

A conclusion that pulls the different sub-sections of your review into an integrated whole and suggests directions for future research

A list of references cited, as well as citations throughout the paper


Required Reference (Please include this in the reference)

Ortega, L. (2009). Understanding second language acquisition. London: Hodder Arnold

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