Renewable Energy in Colorado

 Guidlines: Please, refer to the State of the State Address from 2019 for the State of Colorado. Pick one of the substantive issues (Renewable energy in Colorado) that Governor Jared Polis discusses as facing the state of Colorado, as well as one of Governor Polis’s plans for addressing that issue. For this substantive policy area, conduct an analysis that relies on course readings and some outside sources on Colorado policies and policies in other states to complete the following prompts. 1- Briefly introduce your substantive policy issue. What is the problem the state is facing? Who are the important actors/constituents/interest groups and what would they like to gain? (About 250 words). 2- Why does the state have a role in addressing the issue? Does the Federal government have the ability to act on the issue? What role has state/federal competition or cooperation played in managing the issue? Here, be specific: What is the type of federalism at play for your issue and how do you know? (About 250 words) 3- What are the possible policy options or proposals promoted by Governor Hickenlooper either in the speech or in other policy documents? What are competing proposals from other groups within the state? What specifically gives the state power to act on that issue? (500) 4- For at least 2 of the options proposed in response to prompt 3, critically analyze the strengths, weaknesses, and risks of the option. Here, you might create a chart for each policy allowing visual comparison on different elements (500 words, or 250 words and a chart). 5- In your comparison, you need to consider how the program/policy will be managed, costs of the program, and methods of funding the program citing specific concepts from the course. Budgets and bureaucracy are key to state and local politics!!! Does the state have a plan to pay for the options? How will they do so? What role will local government officials or employees play in implementing the policy and turning a policy proposal into action? What potential problems might the State consider in adopting a plan based on either budgets or administrative realities? (250 words) 6- Is there any potential for local governments at the county or city level to act if the state doesn’t? Why or why not? What opportunities or challenges would this create? (250 words) 7- In one paragraph, briefly summarize your responses to questions 1:6 (250 words). * Please read the transcript of the state of the state address in Colorado and address every section as it is asked by researching the topic.

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