Regional Hospital Scenario/Summary You are the chief executive officer of

Regional Hospital


You are the chief executive officer of Regional Hospital, which serves a community of 875,000 people throughout the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area of North Carolina. In order to improve health outcomes and reduce costs, you are reviewing proposals to contract with a disease management company. Several disease management companies have submitted their proposals to you for review.

Your Role/Assignment

The board of directors has asked that you provide a 750-word report detailing your strategies and recommendations to contract with a disease management company in order to reduce utilization costs and to improve patient health outcomes. Your report should outline the specific interventions and model that will be used by Regional Hospital. Your presentation should also explain cost projections and savings over a 10-year period. The strategies and recommendations should be as specific as possible and include the resources needed for implementation. A minimum of three references are required for this assignment (our textbook along with two other scholarly sources). Our primary text and journal and website research must be used as references to support your analysis. Don’t forget to cite all references.


Content is excellent, completely consistent, and appropriate for audience and purpose; content contains excellent internal integrity; detail is rich and specific.

Organization is excellent; ideas are clear and arranged logically and the transitions are smooth; there are no flaws in logic.

Document format is excellent with strong visual impact, design, and format.

Readability is excellent with strong attention to audience, appropriate tone and style, and good transitional language; there is good use of figurative language

Grammar, citations, referencing, punctuation, mechanics, and usage are correct and idiomatic; paper is consistent with Standard American English; paper demonstrates competent use of mechanics

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