Refer to the first three chapters in your Project Management


  • Refer to the first three chapters in your Project Management Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence textbook:
    • Chapter 1, “Understanding Best Practices.”
    • Chapter 2, “From Best Practice to Migraine Headache.”
    • Chapter 3, “Journey to Excellence.”
  • Review this playlist of videos from LinkedIn Learning: Basecamp: Project Management Best Practices [total time 57:53].

For the purpose of this discussion, assume you are a newly minted Chief Information Officer (CIO) at an organization. The company you have joined does not have a history of adhering to project management best practices.

Please respond substantively to the following (3/4–1-page):

  • Recommend to your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) a strategy and process to develop project management standards for the organization even though it has been operating without these types of standards in the past.
  • Explain the main reasons that the strategy and process you are recommending will be effective.

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