Read the Hot Air article “War on Women? Female Recruit

Read the Hot Air article “War on Women? Female Recruit who Failed Physical Test to Join FDNY” and the Army Times article “First Female Ranger Grads Open Up About the Aftermath and Joining the Infantry” and the Marine Times article “New Concerns that Lower Fitness Standards Fuel Disrespect For Women.”

READ: Female Recruit

Shaw, J. (2015, May 4). War on women? Female recruit who failed physical test to join FDNY. Hot Air. Retrieved from

Parenthetical citation: (Shaw, 2015)

READ: Female Rangers

Myers, M. (2018, March 13). First female Ranger grads open up about the aftermath and joining the infantry. Army Times. Retrieved from

Parenthetical citation: (Myers, 2018)

READ: New Concerns

Schogol, J. (2017, May 21). New concerns that lower fitness standards fuel disrespect for women. Marine Times. Retrieved from

Parenthetical citation: (Schogol, 2017)


Using key terms and concepts from the textbook reading, answer the following questions in a balanced way. 

(Please do not hyperbolize or generalize.) (Reference should be made to all materials provided in this assignment.)

  1. Do you agree with FDNY’s decision to hire the female firefighter? Why or why not?
  2. Should physical agility requirements in traditionally male-dominated professions such as firefighting, the military, and policing be modified to increase the number of female police officers being hired?  Why or why not?


500 words 

Research your topic and use information from what you learned; cite your sources.


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