Question 1: In this question, you will investigate important 5G-enabling

Question 1: 

In this question, you will investigate important 5G-enabling technologies and the role of spectrum sharing in this regard. More specifically, refer to the following reference (a PDF copy is attached as well for convenience):

W. Ahmad et al. “5G Technology: Towards Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Using Cognitive Radio Networks,” IEEE Access, 2020, to write a report of 1200-1400 words explaining and discussing the following issues:

• A brief overview of the most important 5G-enabling technologies 

• Different spectrum sharing (SS) concept techniques 

• SS techniques relevant to 5G networks. Discuss in brief network architecture,

spectrum allocation behaviour and spectrum access method 

• Cognitive radio technology in applications related to 5G implementation 

• The issues and challenges in the implementation of SS 

You should adhere to the following guidelines in writing the report:

o The report MUST be written in YOUR OWN WORDS. You should grasp the idea

and show your understanding. Any act of plagiarism WILL NOT BE tolerated.

o The report should be between 1200-1400 words in length.  The report should include at least one figure and/or table. Inclusion a caption for each

figure/table is necessary. o Use cross-referencing and citation (You can benefit from other extra academic

resources if needed).  o All the references must be cited in proper format.  o The report should have appropriate structure and style (introduction, body, and


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