PROJECT “Mega Electric Scooter parking” for Barcelona urban area –

PROJECT “Mega Electric Scooter parking” for Barcelona urban area – PROJECT PROPOSAL 2021  


The customer comes up to your Project Management company (you are the CEO and a Project Manager) with the request to make a parking area for electric scooters in Barcelona (as part of important eco-urban program). Note, that you can be provided with any help from the local authorities to finish the project on time (permissions, certifications, etc). Make up the project with the following characteristics:

·  Budget: 170.000 euros

·  Deadline: January 1st, 2022

·  Technical characteristics: use of ecologic materials

·  Customer: Ayuntamiento of Barcelona

·  In your proposal you have to use all material discussed in class, especially: making WBS list, showing AON networking for the time duration of the project, propose your resource management and demonstrate the resource implementation, cost management distribution (group time-resource-cost constrains of the project + Gantt chart), risk (RBS) and close/follow up aspects of the project.

·  You should make references to real names (Ricardo, Bogdan, Andrei and Maria) to elaborate your work. Be as creative as possible but control the budget and the deadline.

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