Project Management- Case study: ‘Woody’ case study by Max Wideman.

Consider the ‘Woody’ case study by Max Wideman.

The case study is considered by the author to be typical of what can happen in many projects. Woody has decided that the organisation needs to ensure that lessons are learned from the project. You have been asked to prepare a report for the organisation where you identify the key project management issues and advise the organisation how they should have approached the project from start to finish. As part of your report, you should evaluate the processes, methods, tools and techniques which you refer to,

Project Management skills and the environment within which the project took place.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate an understanding of current Project Management approaches, including: An awareness of traditional project management methodologies (PMBOK) An appreciation of the project manager as a disturbance handler and problem solver Ensuring project process acts as a balance between managing risk, achieving sustainability and providing a vehicle of opportunity Appreciate the commercial and behavioural issues in the management of projects Your End of Module Project should be submitted in a report format and have a word count of between 2,500 and 3,000 words

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