Project 3 –ABC Catering specializes in high-end corporate business

Project 3 –ABC Catering specializes in high-end corporate business functions — corporate appreciation dinners, client entertaining, business conference lunches, wine

tasting, etc. The main emphasis of the current Web site is to provide information about the company (e.g., ownership, set menus, customer testimonials, contact information). However ABC Caterers wants to make the site more interactive, for example, to allow potential clients to create their own menus. ABC Catering is also interested in offering entertainment options to accompany the food they serve — a dance band, a classical music quartet, a Maroi cultural group, etc. The General Manager, believes the biggest challenge facing ABC Caterers is how to turn an average, boring site into one with interactivity, “stickiness” and one that business people will remember and recommend to their colleagues. This is now your challenge too.

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