please describe 3 lessons that can be learned about conflict

please describe 3 lessons that can be learned about conflict resolution with young children. You MUST cite where you exactly you found the information. You MUST also use a minimum of 6 sentences also explain 2 reasons how do you resolve conflict when working in groups with classmates or co-workers. Your comments MUST be at least 2 sentences EACH

Videos that focus on Teacher-Child Interactions (and strategies):

Day Care Observation Video #1 – 31 minutes

RE: 16 months to 2 ½ year old children

Inspirational Video- Be a Mr. Jensen-:

Building Positive Relationships with Young Children:

Teaching Strategies – Initiating Activities:

Effective Teacher-Child Interactions:

Understanding Challenging Behavior in Young Children:

Head Start Teacher’s Training Video:

A Head Start on Positive Relationships:

Childcare Training – A Day in the Life:

Relationships, Interactions, and Guidance:

What a Japanese Childcare Centre is Like:

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