Part A Setting the Historical Stage

i) Main benchmark for assessment is the extent to which you can apply what you learnt in the seminar to answer your research question. Your written assignment should explain observable phenomena by means of certain theoretical frameworks.

ii) Structure and clarity: students shall state what your research question is and why is it important and interesting in the introduction (i.e. why it is a puzzle). When answering this question, you shall put forward your own theoretical and empirical arguments. A poor paper would be the one that just lays out different arguments written by different scholars.

iii) Style and formats: spelling, scientific style, references

iv) Ethical principles of scholarly work: no mercy for plagiarism -Word limit: 2000 words (±200), excluding references and bibliography; 1.5-spaced. These are the topics we have covered: (Just needs to be sort of related to any of the topics below)

– Part A

Setting the Historical Stage (1) 19.10.2018: Introduction Required Reading:- Saich, T. (2015). Governance and politics of China. Macmillan International Higher Education, ch 1. (2) 26.10.2018: Chinese Path to Socialism and Its Legacy Guiding Question: What are the key characteristics of the Chinese socialist state and its economy? To what extent do we still observe the socialist legacy nowadays?Required Reading:- Joseph, W. A. (Ed.). (2014). Politics in China: an introduction. Oxford University Press, USA, ch 3.- Riskin, Carl. (1991). “Neither Plan nor Market: Mao’s Political Economy”, in New Perspectives on the Cultural Revolution, ed. William Joseph Cambridge 3 MA: Harvard University Press, pp. 133-152. (3) 02.11.2018: Politics of Economic ReformGuiding Question: What are the major footsteps of China in carrying out market reforms? Try to analyze the specific roles played by the state in China’s economic reform during the late 1970s to 1990s.Required Reading:- Joseph, W. A. (Ed.). (2014). Politics in China: an introduction. Oxford University Press, USA, ch 4.- Shirk, S. L. (1990). “Playing to the Provinces:” Deng Xiaoping’s political strategy of economic reform. Studies in Comparative Communism, 23(3-4), 227-258.

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