Part 1 READ the text1 in the attachment and answer


Part 1

READ the text1 in the attachment and answer both of the following questions.

1. In Chapter 5: “The Spiteful Chant,” Miles Marshall Lewis traces the history of the relationship between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. How did the interaction between the two artists influence Kendrick’s work? In other words, why does Lewis think the relationship is important? What is the larger point he’s trying to make about rap as an artistic practice? 

2. How does Lewis draw on his personal life and knowledge of hip hop history to inform his writing about Kendrick Lamar in this particular chapter and/or throughout the book? (please give at least two specific examples)

Your answer should be a minimum of two paragraphs AND include at least a 2-3 direct quotations with page numbers from the texts as evidence for whatever claims you make. NO LESS THAN 500 words.

Part 2

Read the thoughts for the 2016 Grammy performance:

One paragraph, NO LESS THAN 400 words.

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