Overview This is the final phase of the course project



This is the final phase of the course project and should be at least 1,000 words that answers all the items listed below. The final phase must answer the following items, follow current APA format, contain a title page, reference page with a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources, and an appendix for any non-textual items that are part of this phase (Excel spreadsheet showing data gathered during user testing).


1. Testing Evaluation Plan

o Create a plan for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)/evaluating the new IS.

o Create a list of tasks that the user should be able to complete using the new IS. The system should fulfil both the user requirements and support all business and user scenarios.

2. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

o Observe the user using the new IS system and the tasks that the user should be able complete using the new system (take notes during testing).

o Create an Excel spreadsheet to store the data collected during testing.

3. UAT Results 

o Observation—Discuss the observation notes that were taken during the system testing.

o Data Analysis—Discuss the resulting data from testing your IS system (Excel data should be placed an APA formatted appendix).

4. Deployment

o Create a deployment plan for your new IS by doing some research.

5. Conclusion

o Project Closing—Write any concluding thoughts to close this project.

o Questions (Decision Trees/Navigation Maps)

A. Are decision trees, navigation maps, and storyboards enough for your design to represent the hierarchy of information, or do you require an additional tool? Give reasons to support your answer.

B. Is it important to map the physical interaction of users with the design requirements of the intended interface? Why can we not perform both of these activities in isolation? Give reasons for your answer.

o Create a Lessons Learned Report by answering the following questions in sentence form.

A. Did the project meet scope, time, and cost goals?

B. What was the success criteria listed in the project scope statement?

C. Reflect on whether or not you met the project success criteria.

D. In terms of managing the project, what were the main lessons your team learned?

E. Describe one example of what went right on this project.

F. Describe one example of what went wrong on this project.

G. What will you do differently on the next project based on your experience working on this project?

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