NIT2171 ICT MANAGEMENT Group Project – ICT Strategic Plan Group

Group Project – ICT Strategic Plan
Group members: 3 – 4 students
ICT Strategic Plan 2022-2027
Submission Deadline: 23:59 – 21/08/2021
Total Weight: 40% of the unit final mark
? Written REPORT (1500 to 2000 words) – 100 marks/ weight 20%
? Individual Contribution Form will need to be filled to indicate each team member’s contribution. The maximum contribution of each member is worth 10 marks/ weight 10%.
? Presentation presented by all team members (individual at – 10 marks/ weight 10%), one submission per team member.
ICT Strategic Plan 2022-2027
HomeWeb is a new real estate advertising company in Melbourne, Australia. The company has around 30 staff taking care of their main company website where real estate agents pay to post their information about their properties for sale or lease and the general public can search for properties they may wish to purchase or lease and contact the agents. The website also has a version that is a mobile application that staff can use to update listings on behalf of agents. The IT team can also login from home to remotely connect to servers using their personal devices to respond to any website outages or reported faults. The current IT infrastructure such as high bandwidth Internet connection, company data centre, software, etc is good enough to serve current demand only from agents and customers. The company predominantly operates in the state of Victoria.
In next 5 years, the CEO of the company would like to expand their market rapidly to other states and add more features to the website. Therefore, a meeting between the CEO and technology specialists is set up to discuss the ICT management plan to support the goals. The IT specialist is recommending upgrading the infrastructure to have the capability to scale up and down rapidly to meet fluctuating demand for property listing, agents, and customers searches. The boss is interested in a system that would give him and other staff a complete view of agents who contact the company showing previous communications, number of website listings etc so they can prioritise support issues and reward high value agents. Besides, the idea of using modern business intelligence to support analysis of housing price for both sale and lease is highly attractive to him. At the same time, this top manager also has concerns about the security of their database if moved to the cloud and the mobile application what would happen if they were attacked by hackers? Similarly, he concerns about the high risk of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).
Your task is that as a CIO (Chief information officer) you design an ICT Strategy to position the organisation to meet the goals and business strategy provided by the CEO while maintaining security over next 5 years that focuses on the following critical IT matter:
1. Infrastructure (especially IAAS)
2. DM (Data Management)
3. MDM (Mobile Device Management)
4. Governance/CoBit
5. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
6. Risk/Security/Privacy
Your ICT strategic Plan must include but not limited to:
a. Organization Vision, Mission and Objective
b. Background
c. Drivers for Change
d. At Least three ICT strategic themes and relevant ICT capabilities
e. Roadmap and ICT initiatives
f. IT Governance
You may make assumptions about the AS-IS situation without attempting to do any direct research, provided you describe them.
You may make assumptions about the form of the TO-BE goal (be as inventive as you like). So long as the innovations achieve this are described.
IT Strategy Template
You will be provided with an IT Strategy Template. You are not expected to use the template in full. The template is offered as a suggested format for the sections and aspects in the .
Report Style Written Report Format:
A written, business style report with:
• A cover page containing: ? Title
? Unit name and number
? Student names and numbers
• A Table of Contents
• A less than one-page introduction
• A section for each of the A-F topics listed above.
• A less than one-page summary
Microsoft Word or pdf document formatted as:
o A4 size, .pdf format
o Body text in 12pt Calibri font (heading may be larger font)
o 2.54cm Margins all round o Line spacing 1.5
o A blank line between paragraphs (paragraphs do not need to be indented) o Spell checked
Note: Academic support and development department at Victoria University is where you can ask for help in university writing skill, English, etc.
Diagrams, pictures, and figures are encouraged.
? This is a business style report, not a research document.
? Academic referencing or reading list will not be required; however, your assignment will be checked plagiarism where there is a direct copy of others work.
Marking criteria are given below:
Final Assignment mark will comprise of 3 parts as below:
1. The report will be assessed based on the Assignment Rubric. All members who contribute to the report will have the same marks.
Marking Criterion Marks Allocated
Organization Vision, Mission and Objective 15
Drivers for Change 25
Three ICT strategic themes and relevant ICT capabilities 25
Roadmap (including Background) and ICT initiatives and IT Governance 25
Presentation (Graphical Representation+ Notes+ Numbering/Bullets+ Spelling/Grammar) 10
Total Marks 100
2. Along with the report, students will need to fill in an Individual Contribution Form to indicate each team member’s contribution in the report with the agreement of all team members. Each member may have a different Individual Contribution mark that depends on his/her contribution. The form is available on VUC/ / Group Assignment.
3. Presentation
After submitting the report for the CEO to review, you are asked to present the report in a short PowerPoint version in a meeting with the CEO and some key stakeholders as part of approval process.
The presentation of the assignment will be conducted in session 11
• Slides:
o Format: MS PowerPoint
o 8-10 Slides
o Cover page (as for the written report)
o Topic Slides o 1 Summary slide
• Presented by the entire group in class.
• No more than 10 minutes
• 5 minutes for questions
This is an  for each group member. Therefore, this requires a submission from each member though you may use the same PowerPoint to present. This is to support marker in providing you feedback based on the Presentation Marking Rubric.
Submission Procedure:
Please submit a soft copy of the report and Individual contribution form (one submission per group) on VU collaborate/ Table content/ information/ Group Assignment/‘Assignment submission – submit here’ link. File format: Microsoft Word or pdf. Marking strictly follows marking criteria.
Please submit individually the report presentation (one per team member) on VU collaborate/ Table content/ / Group Assignment/
‘Assignment Presentation – submit here’ link. File format: ppt. Marking strictly follows marking criteria.
All assignment reports and presentation must have a signed assignment cover with clear student names and their IDs. Only the most recent submission is kept. Please note that marks will be deducted if the assignment fails to comply with specifications and deadlines above!
Students should use this marking guide as reference to complete this group assignment. In this group assignment all students are expected to contribute equally.
Please keep an eye on relevant announcements at VU collaborate. In case of any question, please do not hesitate to contact your lecturer.
Warning: Assignments will be checked for plagiarism using software to compare your submission with other group submissions, past assignments, and other online sources. 

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