My Research Paper Topic is Gun ViolenceBelow is information regarding the research paper. Your paper is a

My Research Paper Topic is
Gun Violence

Below is information regarding the research paper.

Your paper is a 10 to 15-page literature review paper, APA format, meaning no research questions are required and not a thesis type paper, literature review is only the review of what the literature has to say about your chosen topic.

Your sources, 20 to 25 in APA format, need to be from scholarly, government organization, professional source, even interview type sources.
You aren’t allowed to use magazine or newspaper articles or any form of blogs as they are not professional sources. Your sources are due Saturday,
February 10 by 6:00pm

Your annotated bibliography, due
Saturday, February 24 by 6:00pm CST, should be as detailed as possible for the purpose of you having the information needed to support your paper from that particular source, this will help eliminate having to go back to the original source. I suggest you review documents or examples of annotated bibliographies to help in writing yours.

The narrative outline, or also known as a full sentence outline, meaning no bullet or key words, but full sentences with in-text citations being used in APA format. The more detailed, the easier it will be to write your paper. The outline is due
Friday, March 1 by 6:00pm CST.

Your final research paper will be due
Saturday, March 9 by 6:00pm CST.

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