Mulan and Feminism

 Write about how Mulan in Disney film talks about feminism. and here are the guideline: A study of one or more Disney Animation Features in relation to production materials and audience response (such as promos, press releases, blogs, audience statistics, other product lines released in connection with the films, etc.) You should include discussion of at least one of the films studied in class. Your focus: an analysis of gender (male-female) and/or sexuality (hetero and youthful/gender queer) in relation to class or race and/or Orientalism. You may choose to focus on one or more of the latter topics (race, class, orientalism and ethnic bias) rather than tie in gender. 1) Two or three (maximum) outside sources (promos, blogs, press releases, newspaper articles, advertisements, and so forth as listed above). 2) Venue of primary sources: the internet. (You cannot cite Wikipedia, but you can sometimes find good primary sources from the reference list of Wikipedia articles). 3) You must use at least one (or more than one) of the articles we have read since Paper One. You could also draw on the articles you read for Paper One.

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