MN7619 Managing Information: Technology and Systems

Assignment Question

Critically assess the implications arising from the implementation of Customer Relations Management (CRM) technologies.

Approaching the question

The question invites you to apply theories discussed in the module to a specific case or cases. You may choose to use one theory or more – however more than two is likely to make the essay unwieldy and not allow sufficient space to demonstrate your understanding of the chosen materials. Examples of theories covered in the module include, ANT, representation, Baudrillard, LPT, and systems theory. When describing the case, you may use your own experience as well as information drawn from academic and other sources. Make sure that you give sufficient detail so that the reader is able to see how you make the links between the case and the theoretical material but do not put in so much detail that you leave yourself insufficient space to show your theoretical explanation. References Please ensure that you have read the advice on assignment writing and referencing which is available at: es.pdf The essay should be fully referenced throughout and contain a bibliography. Word limit: 3,500 

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