M04PHN Moodle: Compare, contrast and critically appraise both pieces

Coursework 1: 2000 word written assignment (50% of the final mark).

Identify two sources of published written media (such as a newspaper or magazine article) with a nutritional theme, one should be something you consider to be a good example and one should be something you consider to be a poor example. Compare, contrast and critically appraise both pieces of media. 

In your essay, you must include the use of media and communication theory to underpin your argument. Critically reflect how you might use one of these sources in your practice as a nutritional professional to disseminate nutrition information. 

Consider the following when discussing both media sources:

– What is the purpose of the media source?

– What is it trying to achieve?

– Who is the target audience?

– To what extent does it meet your expectations?

– Is it the best way of delivering this information? 

– How would you improve it? 

You must provide a link (if it is web-based) or a copy of your media sources in your appendix. 

In order to ensure you fully understand what is required of you for this seminar presentation please consider the following documents when you are preparing your presentation:


Masters level marks criteria

Masters level marking grid

Module learning outcomes



We strongly advise you select the sources of media you want to appraise as soon as possible and bring them along to a timetabled session to check them with you tutor. 

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