Integrated Health Care Project for Pregnant Women and Newborns in

The Program Idea Outline assignment describes the public health problem you intend to address, the target population and catchment area, the implementing organization or agency, and the basic program model you will work from. It should be no longer than 5/6 pages of text using 1.5 spacing and 11 pt font and an extra 2 pages for two appendices comprised of your causal framework and bibliography. Be sure to address each of the following aspects of the problem statement and program idea

1. Public Heath problem and context (50 pts) (2p.) a. Describe the EXISTING public health problem i. Empirical data (quantitative & qualitative) should be presented to describe the magnitude (how many people does it affect across what geographical range) & severity (how serious are the health consequences of the problem; short and long-term cognitive, morbidity, mortality, etc. outcomes) b. Brief overview of important risk factors

c. Describe briefly and refer to the causal framework in appendix. d. brief overview of context or environment Please discuss the following: Institutional – health care system; ongoing programs & policies Socio-economic, demographic, and political conditions Environment as relevant to your public health problem e. Evidence of similar interventions (with the same or similar health problem) Evidence from past process, impact. Compare, contrast, cite, and critique. What worked? What did not work? Why? What are the remaining gaps?

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